A specific weaving for Mapoesie 

Uniting modernity and tradition, the French brand Mapoésie has been exploring the textile world since 2010 through its graphic and colourful creations.

Trained at the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Paris, Elsa Poux, the designer, combines motifs and flat tints that sublimate delicate natural materials.

Inspired by travel, but also by architecture, drawing and painting, Elsa reinvents shapes and wefts every season with a strong graphic identity and a range of very personal colours.

The drawings are revealed through an ancestral technique on cotton, silk or wool stoles in which one dreams of wrapping oneself.

 Over the years, this graphic writing has spread to a wider world with bags, pouches and foutas. For several seasons, Mapoésie has also been applying its graphics to a collection of carpets, boutis and cushions for the home.

India, 2018

It is while travelling during her studies that Elsa Poux discovered India and its incredible traditional skills. Amazed by the infinite possibilities of weaving and printing, she decided to work closely with workshops to develop her creations.


Each season starts with a first trip across India to imagine the development of natural materials and new exclusive wefts with local workshops.

The choice of color thread

The materials specifically woven for Mapoésie allow to play with the textile finishing and lightness, or on the contrary the delicate thickness of the fabrics.

The patterns are sometimes made of handmade embroidery.

The colour is then applied by printing on the frames. This process, which requires precision and patience, reveals the colours one by one, essences of the affirmed universe of Mapoésie.

Screen printing, made with 4 hands 

Rugs weaving

 The weaving of our carpets is also carried out with great care. The wool is woven on the weft and gradually reveals its pattern.

Each Mapoésie piece is therefore unique, marked by the know-how of the hands that made it. 

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